The Power Of Mastermind Groups & How It Can Benefit You As A Leader

When you were first starting out in your journey as a leader, you probably heard the advice of connecting with others. In business, we are constantly told that creating the right connections is the key to a successful business. In this article, I’ll share with you the power of mastermind groups and how it can benefit your leadership. 

Connections will help you unlock doors. But the thing about connecting with others is that you don’t know where great connections may come from. Aside from prospecting and networking events, creating a large network opens doors to other things as well. 

This is why you must make sure that you’ve got a pleasant attitude and a couple of your business cards handy. You never know when you’ll bump into a potential client or someone who might know someone. 

There’s another side to network building that’s not exactly about building a pipeline of clients.  It’s a powerful leadership development strategy that will transform you into the kind of leader you want to be. And it will happen in the fastest way possible. 

It’s all about joining a community or surrounding yourself with people who are just like you. They’re not exactly competition, but rather people who are on the same road of leadership as you. 

They have the same goal as you – to become a good and successful leader inside and out. Sometimes, they also have the same limiting beliefs as you. The people who are part of that are inside what’s called a mastermind community

What Are Mastermind Groups? 

Mastermind groups are a community of like-minded people that offers accountability and growth opportunities with one another. They are there to support each other whether for business and leadership growth or personal development. 

It is a pretty new concept for most people – especially leaders although the concept has been around for decades. 

Most leaders join a mastermind community because they want to be around others who are better than them. As the old saying goes, “Iron sharpens iron.” And leaders sharpen other leaders through an environment of sharing and contribution. 

Benefits Of Mastermind Groups 

Whether you’ve been part of one or are looking for one, I’d like to share with you the benefits of a mastermind group. These are something I have personally experienced and something that members of my own mastermind community have talked about as well. 

Having A Sense Of Belonging  

As you may know, I started out as a solo-preneur. When you’re new to the business it gets really scary and lonely. Do you have any idea just how helpful it is to read or listen to others who are going through the same thoughts and fears as you are?  

It’s incredibly comforting to know that other people are sharing the same experience as you. You won’t feel alone when you’re part of a mastermind community. And as you all go through the journey together, you’ll ultimately feel as if everything’s going to be fine in the end. Simply because other people are there to help and support you. 

Aside from that, it’s one of our deep-seated needs as humans. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one of the things we need is love and belongingness. It’s hard to be a leader sometimes because it feels like nobody understands what you’re going through. But those inside your community will. 

Free Ideas You Can Steal And Apply Immediately 

Imagine having a group of people who are so willing to share ideas and solutions they don’t share with just anyone. These are the kinds of ideas that have helped them in their own success. And it’s the same set of ideas that you can replicate in your own business.  

Not just that, in a mastermind community, people don’t just share ideas. They guide you every step of the way, push you through the hurdles, and see you through it. It’s not just limitless coaching sessions, it’s also a bottomless support system. 

Learning From People Who Are Far More Advanced From You  

This is related to the previous one but I just want to give this a different kind of emphasis. Remember that who you interact with is a big factor to your personal development and success. So think about the kind of growth you’ll experience when you’re constantly hanging out with highly skilled and experienced experts. 

Also, don’t just join any mastermind group out there. Evaluate the people who are inside since they are going to directly influence your leadership. I’ve had a hard time looking for a mastermind group of like-minded leaders so I created one of my own. It’s called Radiance Mastermind Group and you can learn more about it here

Get Immediate Answers To Your Questions 

Imagine if you’re going through some situations in your leadership and you don’t know what to do. One of the power of mastermind groups is getting answers from other leaders who have gone through the same thing. Or may have had some similar experience. 

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask them anymore. The reason is because discussions are constantly ongoing in a mastermind group. Especially when you meet up with them regularly, in-person or virtually. 

Faster Growth 

As a leader, we should never stop growing. If our people see us stagnating, we’ll inevitably give off that kind of culture. By joining a mastermind group, you can be sure that you’ll grow to be a leader you’ve always wanted to be. 

All the benefits I shared above means that you’ll be able to reach your personal goals faster. You’ve got all these resources available and active support systems within your immediate reach. 

What would it mean for you if you were able to skip years of mistakes and frustrations other leaders have gone through? How much faster will you reach your goals than just doing things all on your own? 

I believe that you have the power to reach for those dreams. I’m not saying that being part of a mastermind community is an absolute requirement for that. All I’m saying is that it will definitely help you get there faster. 

If you want to join the mastermind group I created, click on this link. It’s one of the best, most active, and most supportive mastermind groups in the Philippines. 

Here’s what one of the people inside has to say: 

“I was hesitant at first to attend this class but something inside me urged me to check it out. I must say it was worth all the time! Thank you very much  for taking time to offer this online class during this trying time. You have changed a lot of hearts and that includes mine. I appreciate your authenticity and bravery in sharing your own story, with that you inspire me to be authentic and brave with my own story too. May this be just the beginning of a lifelong learning session with you.” 

– Jovi Ariane M. Pagalunan