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Are you looking for Leadership Development Programs?

Do you want to achieve success as a leader but don’t know where how to start?

The Leadership Development Programs of Radiance Image Consultancy can help you achieve sustainable success by starting with yourself! Yes, it all begins with an inside-out transformation. And Radiance, led by global female motivational speaker and coach, Toni Miranda, can help you with this.

Radiance offers holistic, transformative, and gospel-rooted coaching and training programs. In these programs, Toni will teach you how to become an influential leader through self-discovery and personal branding. Moreover, you will know about Radiance’s unique success amplifier system, which can help you focus on achieving clarity, authority, prosperity, and legacy. Thus, these programs can pave the way for your transformation into an extraordinary leader and radiant influencer.


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Radiance Image Consultancy’s Leadership Development Programs are…


Radiance’s Leadership Development Programs will show you its unique success amplifier system founded on the four key pillars of sustainable success. Therefore, this will help you develop different areas of your life as a leader.


Radiance helps entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporate executives go through a holistic transformation from the inside out. Those who have gone through these programs describe them as something they have never experienced before, for instance.


These programs are designed based on Biblical principles that can serve as your guide in the business world. Hence, through these, you will learn how you can be a Christ-centered and purpose-driven leader.


To be one of the world’s premier and most trusted Christ-centered consultancy companies offering Leadership Development Programs.


To help in the transformation of leaders into radiant influencers achieving sustainable success through holistic, transformative, and gospel-rooted Leadership Development Programs.

Core Values

  • Love and Gratitude
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Diligence and Wisdom
  • Boldness and Courage
  • Humility and Growth

The Four Key Pillars of
Sustainable Success

Radiance’s Leadership Development Programs will guide you through your transformation. Here, you will learn about Radiance’s unique success amplifier system founded on these four pillars.

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Firstly, gain clarity on your true self and unique gifts and discover your purpose. Consequently, when you start from within, it will be easier for you to lead with integrity, credibility, and authenticity.

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Secondly, amplify your authority through an empowered presence and personal brand that radiates your authentic self. In other words, learn how your unique gifts can shine from the inside out as you fulfill your purpose.

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Thirdly, achieve prosperity by developing strategies that can help you grow your business or advance your career. Hence, discover how you can pursue your dreams and goals as a visionary leader.

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Finally, after going through the first three pillars, create an inspiring legacy. With God-rooted wisdom, be a radiant influencer among the people you lead.

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as a Leadership Development Expert

Toni Miranda is a top global female motivational speaker, image consultant, and coach. Since establishing Radiance Image Consultancy in 2017, she has helped many entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporate executives with their development. Furthermore, Toni has become the top learning partner of local and international associations and corporations for leadership topics.

Thus, over the years, Toni has gained credibility as a leadership expert and an authentic and Christ-centered motivational speaker and coach. Because of all these exceptional qualities, she has become known as a radiant influencer.

Leadership Expert

Before establishing Radiance Image Consultancy, Toni had an illustrious career as a corporate executive and entrepreneur. Her long list of accomplishments includes managing a commercial bank and becoming an entrepreneur managing 18 businesses. Hence, her over 20 years of work experience in these roles have built her credibility and leadership skills. More importantly, these have helped her understand the struggles of leaders and the steps needed to overcome these.

The Radiance Leadership Development Programs

Are you ready to begin your transformation into an extraordinary leader and a radiant influencer? The Radiance Image Consultancy Team understands that each leader has his/her own preferred way of learning. Hence, choose the best type of program that will best suit your or your group’s learning needs.

Corporate Workshops

Transform your company’s executives into influential leaders by developing their soft skills through Radiance’s corporate programs.

Keynote Presentations

Invite Toni to deliver inspiring presentations about leadership through a personal transformation in your events and conventions.

On-Demand Courses

Do you prefer to learn in a virtual setting? Enroll in Radiance’s on-demand courses and learn from Toni at your ideal time and place.

Executive Coaching

Let Toni guide you in your transformation as a leader through an executive coaching program designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporate executives.

Invite Toni Miranda to facilitate a Leadership Development Corporate Workshop for your supervisors, managers, and executives. As a leadership expert, she has helped in the personal development of top executives from many corporations. Transform your company’s executives into influential leaders by developing their soft skills through Radiance’s corporate programs.

Below are some of the most popular corporate workshops of Radiance Leadership Development Programs:

  • Empowered Executive Presence
  • Communicating Your Powerful Leadership Brand
  • Leadership Ethics and Professionalism
  • Professional Wellbeing
  • Work Attitude and Values Enhancement
  • Successful Interpersonal Skills
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective People Management
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Team Strengthening Team Building

What People Say About Toni

Shine and Live

Aside from Radiance’s Leadership Development Programs, you may learn from Toni by listening to her podcast,
watching her videos, and reading her blog. Follow her and learn how to shine and live as an extraordinary leader
and radiant influencer.

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