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Why Graduating Students and Job Seekers Need Executive Presence

There are many reasons why new graduates and job seekers don’t get their preferred jobs. One primary reason is they failed to make a good first impression. They may be equipped and skilled but were unable to present themselves in a way that would get them hired. Employer’s first impression of them was not at all satisfactory.

You may not be aware yet but Executive Presence is one of the missing links in job applications. It is important to develop this trait even before graduating from college. An applicant who exudes Executive Presence finds success in the quest for employment. But what is Executive Presence all about?

Executive Presence is an external manifestation of the real you. The way you present yourself in front of others, the way you speak, and the way you behave says a lot about you. It is a process of discovering who you are and how YOU affects your work and the company you represent. Your attitude, both positive and negative, and beliefs affect your professional image. Even if you dress the part, but the way you relate with your peers and customers outweighs everything.

But how can graduating students compete with others when they don’t have skills and experience to boot?  They do not have the hard skills that companies are looking for. Hard skills are measurable teachable abilities and skills. These may include your degree or certification, a foreign language proficiency, computer programming, typing speed, etc. Though hard skills are necessary for landing a job, soft skills are equally important. 

Soft skills are people skills. These are interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help people communicate and collaborate. These skills have gained more priority than hard skills or technical know-how. Hiring managers get a glimpse of your soft skills or executive presence during the interview process.

executive presence for job seekers and graduating students

What are these soft skills?

  • Communication skills
  • Compassion towards colleagues, subordinates, and bosses
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking attribute
  • Responsive and not sensitive
  • Possessing insights and valuing different points of view
  • Problem-solving capacity
  • Patience
  • Motivation
While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills will open most of the doors to come. Your work attitude, communication skills, and behavior are the keys to success at work. They will help you become the leader that you ought to be.

Unfortunately, some organizations assume these skills in the employees. They expect their staff to produce a quality of work, to be on time, and to be more responsible. That is not always the case. These soft skills are not always present in an individual. A person’s behavior is dependent on past experiences, their childhood, and the values they imbibe. More often than not, these employees who have a soft skills gap need training.

Radiance Image Consultancy specializes in developing these soft skills through the Executive Presence Training Program. You can customize the program depending on your needs. Radiance presents the program as a 1-day training, 2 or 3-day comprehensive program.

Are you a school looking to empower your graduating students? Or an organization who wants to develop your new hires and current staff?

Consult with a Corporate Trainer, Image Strategist, and Motivational Speaker through Radiance Image Consultancy. Empower your students with the skills they need for employment. Educate your employees, managers, and the entire organization on how to develop soft skills to improve their executive presence. We offer comprehensive training programs which include The Impact of First Impressions, Executive Presence Masterclass ad Leadership Branding Program, and Work Ethics and Professionalism. Get in touch with Radiance Image for your corporate programs, keynote talks, and short workshops.

Be extraordinary, inside and out.

About The Author

Toni Miranda is a world-certified Image Consultant, and Executive Coach and Speaker, with over 20 years of experience in the corporate and retail industry. She is the founder of Radiance Image Consultancy. She is also the owner of blog site toni.ph.

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