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Every individual has a unique persona. This is why you deserve solutions tailor-fit to your needs. If you are looking to enhance your image in the aspects of leadership, communications skills, competency, sales, personal development, and team building, we will be your personal or corporate Image Coach. Achieve powerful results from our workshops, conventions, seminars, and online courses.

Let Radiance Image show you how! Here are some of our highly in-demand offerings:

Image Consultancy Services

Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Learn how you, your staff members, associates, managers, and executives can benefit from our training on visual brand image, personal branding, business etiquette, professional conduct, communication skills, and protocol.

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Professional Image Coaching

Professional Image Coaching

As an individual, you have your own unique needs and personal circumstances. Let us help you boost your presence in the business world, harness your presentation or public speaking skills, create a unique and memorable personal brand, as well as learn social etiquette and proper grooming. Avail of our one-on-one consultations to know what’s best for you.

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Professional Image Coaching
Resource Speaker and Workshop Presenter

Resource Speaker and Workshop Presenter

In addition to the services above, you can also benefit from the dynamic, insightful, and memorable presentations of Radiance Image Consultancy founder Toni Miranda for your conferences and workshops around a variety of topics.

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Let Radiance Image show you how! Book your 30 minutes of complimentary strategy session so we can see how we can best help you and/or your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions we get asked most often. To jump to the section you are most interested in, simply click on one of the links directly below.

Image Consulting

What is the difference between fashion design and image consulting?

Fashion design is the art of applying design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. When a fashion designer makes garments, he has no particular customer in mind; his focus is on the garment.

Image consultants, on the other hand, have far more knowledge about clothing and has a particular client in mind. They advice clients on managing their appearance based on roles, goals, occasions, personal style, and personal characteristics such as body or face shape, personal colors and affordability. At times, image consultants hire fashion designers to create clothes for their clients.

Image consultants also guide and train clients on grooming, body language, etiquette and soft skills. Fashion is one element of image consulting, just like carpentry, electrical, plumbing and the like are elements of interior design.

What is the difference between a stylist and an image consultant?

A stylist is usually tapped to create a specific look for a client’s special occasion. On the other hand, an image consultant adopts a holistic approach in helping clients develop a personal brand with a style that is consistent with their physical characteristics, personality, preferences, lifestyle, and goals. Image consultants show clients how they can enhance their potential through appearance, behavior and communication.

What is the difference between grooming and image consulting?

Grooming is about makeup and personal hygiene. This is just one element of appearance. Image consultants are professionals with in-depth knowledge of clothing, grooming, body language, etiquette and soft skills. Every image consultant is also a grooming professional with additional knowledge of techniques based on the client’s face shape.

What is the difference between personality development and image consulting?

Personality development is all about enhancing and grooming your outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to your life. Sessions on personality development are basically motivational lectures that aim to develop, polish, and refine the individual’s distinct persona and attitude.

Image consulting is about guiding and training clients on managing appearance (visual image and personal branding) to create powerful first impressions and reap more opportunities in life. It is about instilling soft skills (etiquette and communication skills) to perform better when opportunities present.

Making a Booking with Us

How do we book you for corporate/group seminar and workshops?

Set an appointment with our Professional Development experts to discuss your goals, objectives, desired results and other important details.

Please click here to book your 30 minutes of complimentary strategy session so we can see how we can best help you and/or your organization.

Do you have workshops or topics for “bridging” events for religious activities?

Yes, we have variety of topics from “look good, feel good,” social graces and etiquette, communication and personal branding. We have various topics that will suit different audience types — whether they are single or married, teens, persons with disability, ministry leaders, pastors, lay ministers, priests, or elderly. We customize topics that will deliver the desired goal of your event.

Please click here to book your 30 minutes of complimentary strategy session so we can see how we can best help you and/or your organization.

Do you accept collaborations with event organizers and other training companies?

Yes, we believe in collaboration. We love working with other training companies and always excited to collaborate with event organizers. By sharing our expertise through collaborations, we can achieve our purpose faster and help more people.

Please click here to book your 30 minutes of complimentary strategy session so we can see how we can best help you and/or your organization.

Do you facilitate other types of workshops and programs other than image enhancement?

Yes, we are experts in facilitating workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship, communications skills, customer service and other personality development programs.

Please click here to book your 30 minutes of complimentary strategy session so we can see how we can best help you and/or your organization.

Who are your clients?

You may view photos and testimonials from our clients on our website and blog sites. However, we respect the privacy of some of our clients who prefer not to be known or listed online.

Individual Consultations

How would I know if I need to undergo your program?

We will make an individual assessment to gauge your need and readiness to undergo our program. To avail of our individual assessment, please click here to book your 30 minutes of complimentary strategy session so we can see how we can best help you and/or your organization.

What’s the difference between your online webinar courses and your personal consultation?

Online courses tend to be more affordable and offer flexible timing. However, technology has its limitations so personal interaction, hands-on practice, and direct feedback are still necessary to master your image consulting skills. Based on our experience, technical skills must always be accompanied with knowledge on client management techniques. This makes all the difference to your development and potential growth.

Do you accept home service consultations?

Yes we accept home service consultations depending on availability and subject to requirements.

How many hours does it go through a professional image coaching session?

We offer various programs depending on your needs. The average basic professional coaching and image program usually takes 4 to 8 hours. A session can be broken down into multiple sessions.

What do you do in an online assessment?

We will ask you to fill out an online questionnaire to help us determine your present condition and needs. We will also ask you to submit your personal photos.

How many hours does it take to create a new image?

We offer various packages depending on your needs. The average basic image makeover usually takes 4-8 hours. A session can be broken down into two sessions.

I live out of town. How can we work together?

Since we are based in Metro Manila, Philippines, clients from out of town and out of the country have the following options:

Option 1: Visit us personally and bring some of your existing wardrobe for evaluation. Before your arrival, we will work online together so that we can schedule all our appointments in advance.

Option 2: For clients who cannot travel to our office, we also offer a virtual makeover service through online video chat rooms. This cheaper alternative is a great choice as you are able to work with us from anywhere in the world.

Please click here to book your 30 minutes of complimentary strategy session so we can see how we can best help you and/or your organization.

How long are your modules for individual packages?

Individual image consultation programs range from a minimum of 4 hours up to 18 hours, depending on your needs and goals.

Do you have an informational talk that I can attend?

Make the right choice when it comes to something as important as selecting an image consulting package that supports your goals. We will be happy to arrange an in-person or online call with our own Image Consultant or staff member. Contact us to schedule a convenient time.

What kind of support will I receive after the course?

We support clients through our social media channels and newsletters. Please subscribe and follow our social media posts and blogs to receive free tips, exclusive event invites, free talks and learnings.

Are there any additional costs for Individual Package Fees?

For some modules, additional resources are offered for optional purchases. Additional costs will be discussed fully as part of your pre-course preparations that will help you to make an informed decision and budget accordingly.

Can I talk to some of your past clients?

You may read the interesting testimonials of our clients on our website. Email us and we will be happy to make the introduction.

What are your payment options?

For your convenience, you may pay online using your credit card, make a bank debit arrangement or bank transfer, issue a check, or pay in cash or through payment centers. Please click here to process your payments.

Do you accompany clients when they shop for their wardrobe?

Yes, we have a package that includes taking clients to stores that will match the style and image we are working to create. We find that a combination of personal shopping and online shopping saves time. Online shopping enables you to cover a lot of area in a short amount of time. You can go to your local stores, looking for the same or similar items that we have selected online.

How do you work with a hairdresser?

We speak directly with the hairdresser and provide detailed instructions about the style and color we have chosen for you. You will have several photo options to show the hairdresser so that nothing is left to chance. If your hairdresser happens to suggest a better style, we assess their recommendation and make a decision.

Is there a particular look you tend to go for?

None. Our image consultants have an open-minded approach that allows us to identify and maximize your strengths. The look we create is unique to you and appropriate for your personality, lifestyle and goals.

Know more about Radiance Image Consultancy and how it can help you Be extraordinary, inside out.

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Testimonials About Radiance

Toni has a compelling desire to enhance human potential through image and personal branding. She puts passion and purpose into her endeavours and it was such a privilege training her at the Academy of Image Mastery, Singapore. With her faith in God and entrepreneurial spirit, I am certain that clients will enjoy Toni’s focused approach in supporting the results they came to her for.

Christina Ong AICI CIM

Founder & Master Trainer, Academy of Image Mastery

I got the power and style package at Radiance Image Consultancy. This is one of the right decisions I made in my life because what Ms. Toni taught me — how to project my authentic image — is something that money cannot buy. Now I'm managing eight companies effectively. She also did not just teach me how to dress, eat, and speak or communicate properly, she also shared real-life experiences and spiritual teachings that one cannot find on YouTube, Google, or on inspirational books. I encourage everyone to try working with Ms. Toni Miranda. At the end of the session, you will go out and face the world confidently and spiritually fulfilled. Indeed, you will feel extraordinary, inside out.

Joana May B. Pasion

Accounting Manager

My profession demands that I interact with different kinds of people almost every day. Radiance Image Consultancy helped a lot in improving and enhancing my style and executive presence. I used to buy clothes without checking if they suit me. Now I know my personal color, and what clothes fit my body shape and personal style. I have also developed a personal branding and style, thanks to Radiance Image Consultancy. Ms. Toni also inspired me to continuously develop and improve my communication skills. I also learned the importance of proper etiquette which helped me gain confidence during business meetings and official functions. Thank you, Ms. Toni of Radiance Image Consultancy!

Josephine Dayag

Licensed Real Estate Broker, Unit Head Manulife

We were given the opportunity to have a Power and Style training, and my experience with Radiance Image is really commendable. I learned a lot — from personal branding to business protocol and etiquette. I used to love wearing printed and trendy clothes, but through Ms. Toni, I found out what color and style would best suit my shape and personality. She also helped boost my confidence and enhance my skills in public speaking. She trained us, too, on how to do business networking more professionally. Ms. Toni is such an amazing person. She touched my life by being a life coach, and a hands-on image consultant. My experience with Radiance Image Consultancy is such a priceless one. I would recommend it to all aspiring individuals.

Kristine Bernardo

HR Supervisor

“Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”
Before enrolling in this Professional Image Course, I thought I was good already. During the Professional Image course, however, I realized that connecting with people and being likeable was my missing link. It all starts with how I look, how I dress, and how confident I am, even when nobody is looking. I would like to commend Ms. Toni of Radiance Image Consultancy for being our mentor in this journey. After finishing the Professional Image Course I have discovered a new me! I want to inspire others with my self-improvement. I am grateful for not being afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

Rubie Rachel Ilagan

Registered Financial Consultant

Before, I did not have the confidence to speak in front of many people. I also did not pay much attention to the way I dress up. After attending sessions with Radiance Image Consultancy, I now know the appropriate clothes and color that fit me so I'm able to save more time and money. My favorite parts of the sessions were the application and business etiquette. Ms. Toni was eager to train us to be better persons, and be full of confidence. I am happy with the result of what I am now, and I am ready to inspire others with my personal improvement. I am now confidently beautiful with a heart :)

Jennifer Castillo

Operations Supervisor

I was a shy and timid type of person before. I also had a habit of buying expensive clothes even if they didn’t fit me well. It was a waste of money.
Thank you, Radiance Image Consultancy! Now I know how to choose the right color and style of clothes for my body shape, which helps me save more money. I am also happy with my new haircut! It is all worth it to invest in learning and apply this into practice. This Professional Image Course helped me to develop effective communication with people, and to inspire them confidently. I am proud that I took this course because it helped me a lot, especially in my field of work.

Laarni Grace Malabanan

Registered Financial Consultant

I was a completely different person before: from my personality and my lifestyle to my fashion sense. Before I attended this training, I was too afraid to approach people to introduce my company. I was too shy to communicate in front of many people. After finishing the course in Radiance Image Consultancy, my self-confidence was boosted, from the way I speak, the way I present myself to people, and even my life’s perspective. It also save me a lot of money since I no longer have to buy clothes in too many colors that gives me a hard time to mix and match. It also made me realize that it is not about the brand that we wear, but the confidence that we portray. I feel great! I feel like I’m a better person now, an extraordinary person, inside and out!

Michelle Ropero

Registered Financial Consultant, Registered Estate Planning, MDRT

Being confidently beautiful is not about the price tag of what you are wearing, but how you discreetly choose the attire that suits your personality, lifestyle, color tone and body shape. I thank Ms. Toni of Radiance Image Consultancy because knowing what's the best attire for me helps me, not just to save money by buying suitable clothes, but also to save my precious time from rummaging for clothes that don't fit me. Because of Ms. Toni's advice, I also took a bold step to cut my usual long hair to a length that I never tried before. Being a homemaker, I'm glad I listened to her because I feel my head is so light, and I can move faster and easier. I believe that when you glow, you flow, like continuous water bringing inspiration to others.

Colyne Yu Magbanua

Homeschool Global Family Advisor, and a homeschooling mom

I remember a lot people getting a job or a client because they have what they call CHARM. Natutunan ba yun? And how can I get that? Akala ko, basta I learned the skills of the job, I’ll be okay, and I can do well, until I met Ms. Toni. I’ve learned that there’s more to it than learning the skills for a job. With this Professional Image Course, I’ve learned the skills for proper etiquette and communication. I also discovered my personal brand, and enhanced my image through my clothes and actions. That helped me a lot in the advancement of my career, and closing big clients. Thank you to Ms. Toni of Radiance Image Consultancy. Without attending her course, I would still be clueless as to how to be charming.

Arvin Torres

Unit Head A's of Diamond Manulife

I worked for an international bank for 11 years. I knew how to dress well and be articulate. However, when I retired to take care of our son, I started dressing for convenience and comfort. I thank Toni because she made me realize that dressing up well is not for other people, but for me. Looking good has a direct correlation with how you feel. If I feel confident then it will radiate. It will show on my skin and on how I dress. Knowing your color eliminates trial and error daily. It actually lifts the burden of trying clothes every morning. Once again, I try to be well made up even at home. I would like my son to remember that his mom is always put together. I am once again confident, and this confidence I pray will give glory to Jesus.

Yayie Samson Cenon

Confident, Radiant Homemaker

Ms. Toni Miranda uses a holistic approach. She is not only an image consultant, she is also a life coach and a spiritual leader. She can truly make you extraordinary, inside out. I was taught how to enhance my image and align it with my goals as part of my personal branding. She also helped me develop my leadership skills and influence. As a result, I was able to effectively lead and inspire more than 80 agents, which enabled us to attain our sales targets. I've gained more confidence in public speaking and business meetings.

Marilen Magundayao Ilagan

Entrepreneur and Mentor

The success of any person depends on the quality of their communication. That’s the most significant lesson I learned from taking the Professional Image Course. It challenged me to unleash and discover my personal brand through image, which helped me become authentic and sincere when dealing with other people. It made me effectively connect with others. The course is not just focused on a person’s superficial looks, but it also covers a lot of interesting concepts and ideas that are relevant and timeless. It’s definitely something that needs to be heard. I am confident that I am now a better person, thanks to Radiance Image Consultancy.

John Carlo Ela

Registered Financial Consultant, Registered Estate Planning

Before meeting Ms. Toni, I was having trouble with myself. My appearance, and the way I presented myself to other people did not correlate with who I am and who I should be. I lacked confidence, and lost my identity. But after my sessions with Radiance Image Consultancy, everything changed dramatically. Ms. Toni helped me to identify my personal style, coached me to improve my presentation skills, and taught me how to discover my personal brand. Now, I'm able to apply everything I learned from Ms. Toni to bring harmony to all aspects of my life: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Today, I am happy to say that this is the new me: extraordinary, inside out! Thank you, Radiance Image Consultancy!

Emmanuel Lavina

Financial Adviser

As an estate planner and unit manager, I always have meetings with my clients and my financial advisers. Before, I did not have much confidence to talk to them because I didn’t have that much knowledge on what type of suits to wear, and which colors suit me. I also didn’t know how to approach them. But then things changed.Thank you so much to Radiance Image Consultancy for giving me this kind of feeling. A feeling of loving myself, and have confidence to talk to other people, especially to my clients and agents. I am grateful, and appreciate every learning that Ms. Toni gave us. Now I feel more confident and excited to inspire other people.

Raymond Ric Masangkay Ilagan

Entrepreneur and Mentor

Learning with Radiance Image Consultancy gt me to understand that all of us, in all ways, are working on our image. Before, when it came to clothing, affordability was a big issue. I would often buy on impulse, and then regret my purchases later. I also suffered from the syndrome of buying lots of clothes, and yet complaining about not having anything to wear for an important occasion or meeting. Radiance Image Consultancy guided me on how to manage my wardrobe, and create a capsule to come up with a variety of combinations in an affordable manner. I also learn to dress up according to my body shape, personal color, and personal style. I find the whole experience great. I am learning about small details, which I never noticed before. I now realize that clothing, image, and first impressions are so vital to my success, and in each walk of life of an individual.

Arielle Ann Torres

Registered Financial Consultant

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