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Personality Development and Image Enhancement for CCF Alabang Exalt Team

The role of the worship team is crucial every Sunday worship service. They prepare the hearts of the people by singing praises to God. All eyes are on them: the song leaders, choir, and the band. Aside from their gift in music, the way they present themselves on stage is also what people see.

Ms. Beth Martinito of CCF Alabang made arrangements for me to speak to the Exalt Team (Worship Team). Ms. Beth and I are both Life Coach volunteers in Glorious Hope Recovery Program. The Personality Development and Image Enhancement Workshop was set on February 23, 2019.

The Exalt Team is not only assigned to sing on Sunday worship services. They also take part in conferences, seminars, wake services, and other church-related activities.

My work as an Image Consultant and Professional Speaker is also a ministry. This is my own way of serving the Lord. That is why speaking to different ministries and churches warms my heart because I know that I am with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

The two-hour workshop was to create awareness on improving their image. When they have improved their image, they can sing with confidence. But this image must be evident on and off stage. As followers of Christ, they should reflect Jesus. The topics I discussed included:

  • Understanding Positive Image, its components, and benefits
  • Visual Impact and how to look credible and likable
  • Tips on wardrobe and style
  • Creating Memorable First Impressions
  • Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

I ended the workshop with the story of personal image transformation. My childhood experiences created a negative self-image. And it was only through the love of Christ that I was able to overcome this.

I love listening to praise songs and the song by Steve Green called Find us Faithful continues to uplift me. I still face many challenges in life, but the song reminds me to continue to be faithful. It is my soul's desire to impact the next generation with my story.

I was so overwhelmed that I ended up singing the song! Can you believe that? I admit to not having a great singing voice, but I know the Lord didn't mind. Tears began to flow as the participants also joined in the singing. I knew that I was able to touch their hearts that afternoon.

How can your church volunteers and workers impact others for Christ? Is your organization needing a fresh take on personality development? Help your members gain confidence as they face people in their ministry/work.

Inquire about Radiance Image Consultancy's Leadership and Image enhancing workshops. We teach them how to be leaders of influence, improve customer experience, and increase productivity.

We offer comprehensive training programs including The Impact of First Impressions, Executive Presence Masterclass ad Leadership Branding Program, Work Ethics and Professionalism, and Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle for Women. Get in touch with Radiance Image for your corporate programs, keynote talks, and short workshops.

Be extraordinary, inside and out.


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Toni Miranda is a world-certified Image Consultant, and Executive Coach and Speaker, with over 20 years of experience in the corporate and retail industry. She is the founder of Radiance Image Consultancy. She is also the owner of blog site toni.ph.

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